Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tennessee TNTAP Online Taxpayer Portal

The Tennessee Department of Revenue recently launched a new web site called Tennessee Taxpayer Access Point (“TNTAP”).  

The website now serves as a web access portal to a taxpayer’s Tennessee tax-related information.  A taxpayer will be able to:
  • Access taxpayer account information, including various account balances
  • Send and receive secure messages to and from the Department of Revenue
  • View tax-related correspondence
  • View, print, file, and amend various tax returns
  • Make various tax account payments
To access the site, a taxpayer must create a TNTAP login.  Information on how to create a log in and what tax accounts are currently available for access can be found here : 

In addition, your tax professionals can also register for the site and thereafter use their registration to collaborate with and gain access to their client accounts. This access will require client (taxpayer) pre-approval.  

For Information on how to gain access to client accounts, go to:

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