Thursday, July 27, 2017

IRS Direct Pay and EFTS Systems Now Have Email Notice Options

Any taxpayers using IRS Direct Pay or EFTPS to pay their taxes can now sign up for an email notification, the IRS has announced.

The new email feature sends tax payment notifications directly to taxpayers’ email accounts. The email notification is to contain the confirmation number that the taxpayer receives at the end of any payment transaction. Businesses using the systems and making payments through a payroll service provider can also opt in to receive email notifications. Once they have opted in, taxpayers will receive email notifications for all payments made through EFTPS, including those made by a payroll service provider.

The IRS advises that, to protect taxpayers, there will not be any web links embedded within the email notifications. If taxpayers see any type of link in an email appearing to be from the IRS, they should not click on those links.; Commerce Clearing House TRC FILEIND: 21,156.05.